May 24, 2024

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Be Aware Of Foods That Can Crack Your Teeth!

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Would you be willing to sample some sushi at the convenience store? It is probably safe to eat, but there is always some danger.

When eating tough meals that can chip teeth, that is kind of the deal. You will probably be fine, but exercising caution can help you avoid making a costly error that could damage your wallet and reputation.

Discover several foods that have some danger of necessitating a Maryville dentist by reading on.

  • Cob-styled corn

Since they are not shaped for biting, your teeth in the front are readily chipped or broken when you bite into a corn cob. It is best to stay away from corn on the cob if you have restorations, veneers, or crowns.

  • Crispbreads

This group includes snacks like pretzels and breakfast foods like bagels. Hard bread is better for your teeth if you dip them in butter or olive oil before eating.

  • Dietary bars

A nutrition bar appears to be safe for teeth on the surface. What is problematic, though, is the potential threat of a nutshell fragment or a particularly tough piece of dried fruit.

  • Pits 

Do not believe labels that state that the pits have been eliminated because there is still a chance that you will break a tooth on a pit.

  • Ice 

Your teeth may become much more temperature-sensitive due to the fractures enlarging over time.

  • Candy bars

Chewing hard candy is more dangerous than allowing it to dissolve in your mouth. Keep a jawbreaker from living up to its reputation.

  • Bones

Although bone-in meats like barbecue ribs and chicken wings might be delectable, you should take care when biting into them. Alternatively, if you flavor your dish with soup bones, make sure to take them out before plating.

The primary lesson is to refrain from using your teeth to break open nutshells. Additionally, be cautious of packaging fragments if you consume anything containing shelled nuts.

  • Popcorn

Trying to bite into an unpopped hard kernel when eating popcorn is a concern. Your tooth or filling can fracture with just one bite into the object. Therefore, use caution and avoid grabbing a large amount.

Even while you do not have to stop eating your favorite hard foods, you should realize how crucial it is to chew them thoroughly to protect your mouth health in the long run. After all, no one likes to place that urgent call to an emergency dentist.