July 20, 2024

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How to find the best business trip massage services?

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Going on frequent business trips can take a toll on your body. The long flights, uncomfortable hotel beds, and hours spent sitting in meetings or working on your laptop your muscles sore, stiff, and achy. Getting a professional massage while on a work trip relieves muscle tension, improves circulation, and promotes overall relaxation.

Book early mornings or evenings

The best massage therapists tend to get booked up quickly, especially in major cities. While you may have limited control over your business trip schedule, try to allow time for massage appointments in the early morning or evening when massage therapists tend to have more availability.  Morning massages help energize and invigorate you before a busy day of meetings. Late afternoon or early evening massages are ideal for unwinding and shedding the tension of the day. Avoid the after-lunch slump times when booking your massage session.  Going at opening or right before closing also increases the chances of getting a last-minute appointment.

Find spas near your hotel

The most convenient option for 대전출장안마at a spa located within or next to your hotel. High-end hotels often have luxurious spas on-site with experienced massage therapists on staff. Even budget hotels sometimes partner with neighboring day spas to offer discounts or packages to their guests. Start your search for a massage by asking your hotel’s front desk or concierge for recommendations for spas nearby. If there aren’t good options within walking distance, look for spas a quick Uber ride away. Focus your search on spas with 4+ star ratings and positive reviews that offer therapeutic massages, not just relaxation massages.

Comparison shop massage rates

Massage prices vary widely based on location, spa ambiance, massage duration, and therapists’ experience levels. On business trips, company expense accounts often cover massage costs, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comparison shop. Check out massage prices listed on spa websites, review sites like Yelp, and online massage booking platforms like Zeel. In major cities, you often find 60 to 90-minute massages for $80 to $150. Look for licensed massage therapists rather than generic spa masseuses to get the most therapeutic value from your massage. Consider the convenience of the spa location and the qualifications of the massage therapist as you compare rates.

Look for mobile massage services

If you don’t have time to get to a spa or massage studio, consider using a mobile massage service that sends licensed therapists to your hotel room. Companies like Zeel, Soothe and Unwind provide on-demand hotel massages in major cities worldwide. Mobile massage pros bring a table and supplies to your room and provide customized massages based on your needs and requests. Without having to go anywhere, you enjoy a professional massage first thing in the morning, during work breaks, or after a tiring day of meetings. Compare several mobile massage companies’ rates, massage types, and screening processes for therapists before booking.

It’s best to book 60, 75, or 90-minute massage sessions when you can. The longer massages allow the therapist more time to provide thorough work on areas of muscle tension rather than just a quick rubdown. The added time also allows you to fully relax and reap the stress-relieving benefits.