July 20, 2024

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Living in the 21st century among Millennials and GenZs you must have come across the term narcissist. But who is a narcissist? What can say as the precise narcissist definition?   This article will cover it all.


Have you ever met a person who was just too much of themselves? Well, to narrow it down, a person with a self-inflated image and lack of empathy towards others. A narcissist has a boastful egoistic approach towards life. They are usually selfish and manipulative. In fact, they can go to any lengths to fulfill their desires. They have an obsessive craze for wanting to hear self-admiration. People who criticize them or point out the errors that they possess become their instant enemy. Whereas, just to hear praises of themselves, they can even pretend a whole act to be sweet with you. 

More importantly, narcissists come out to be very charming as the first impressions. They know how to gain others’ trust, sympathy, and love. They often go on narrating tales of their past which was full of misery and sorrow. Such traumatic stories are meant to make you believe that they trust you. Moreover, with time you will observe them have a gigantic vision of their future. Narcissists often rely on unrealistic baseless theories of their grandiose successful future with a lavish lifestyle, a perfect love story, and whatnot.      

If you are successful then you can be the target of their envy. If you are a friend, probably your narcissist buddy is just pretending to hear out your problems. Because they lack a sense of sentiments towards others’ life. 


Nobody is born as a jerk full of attitude. Experiences and bad conditions in life shape a person. Giving the whole blame to a narcissist would be unfair and unjust. 

Usually, a narcissist has some tragic past life to blame their awful personality at. They could have been victims of child abuse or physical/ mental abuse. They could have had parents who were extremely poor at their parenting skills. But mostly there are some background histories behind every narcissist person.


You might be a friend or a partner to a narcissist fellow. You might even love the person too much to leave them because of their toxic and controlling behavior. Relationships with narcissists are never easy, after all. But for your own mental wellbeing, it would be wise to distance yourself from them.  If the person is just an ordinary narcissist, then they might change themselves for you and fight back their personalities. But if they have NPD Narcissistic personality disorder then you need to seek help on their behalf immediately. What might seem like a simple attitude problem can drive the person crazy into depression and even suicide. Don’t bother telling them the narcissist definition, as they think they are flawless they won’t believe in it. Try to persuade them for a counselor and give yourself a lot of emotional space.