February 24, 2024

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Understand How Dangerous Vodka Tampon Is

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According to the internet, teens are inserting tampons soaked in vodka into their rectum or vagina. This process is called ‘slimming’. It sounds just horrible…..is it real or just a myth? There is no documented evidence, but it is alleged that people prefer to get vodka in this way to –

  • Avoid alcohol smell in their breath
  • Get buzzed quickly
  • Not absorb calories
  • Beat breathalyzer test
  • Avoid hangover

Getting soaked tampon inside the vagina or rectum is quite a feat. The tampons when get wet expand. The cotton packed tightly loses its firmness. It becomes a sloppy and lumpy mess. Inserting this mess inside is hard and most of the liquid will squeeze out as you struggle to insert it into your orifice. 

Even if you succeed in inserting the vodka tampon inside it can cause some grave harm. On the Detox to Rehab informative blog, you will get more detailed information about everything associated with addiction causes, treatment, and recovery.

A tampon does not hold sufficient vodka but the amount it holds quickly gets in your bloodstream and it bypasses the stomach. Therefore, there are no concerns about puking. Nevertheless, there is an increased risk of alcohol poisoning. There is also the ‘ouch’ factor-like pain and bruising to the sensitive and thin mucous membrane of the rectum and vagina due to highly acidic alcohol. It burns and can damage the mucous membrane. 

Alcohol enema death cases are documented. It involves pouring alcohol within the colon via a thin tube inserted inside the rectum. A large amount of alcohol can be consumed and it increases alcohol poisoning risk. The common side effects of alcohol enemas are rectal bleeding, cramping, burning sensation in the anus, and bowel movement feel. 

Seek help if you identify slow breathing, vomiting, confusion, low body temperature, irregular breathing, and loss of consciousness.