July 20, 2024

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Where Can Stem Cells Be Found?

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Stem cells create specialized cells in the body. They have the ability to self-renew and create functional tissues, which is why scientists and doctors are turning to them to help with various medical conditions. But where can you find stem cells?

Adult Stem Cells

Adult stem cells are in adult tissues like bone marrow, umbilical cord, and fat, and the brain. Adult stem cells can create many different types of stem cells, but they generally have more limitations than embryonic stem cells.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

The umbilical cord and the placenta contain a large amount of stem cells that can be used after a baby is born. These stem cells create specialized blood cells.

Adipose Stem Cells

Adipose stem cells are found in fat throughout the body. These are mesenchymal cells and because of their availability, they’re one of the most commonly used options.

Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells

Stem cells are also present in the amniotic fluid and amniotic membrane that surrounds a developing fetus. They’re able to evolve into many types of cells, including those for cardiac tissue, cartilage, muscle, bones, and nerves.

Embryonic Stem Cells

One type of stem cell comes from embryos that are a few days old. These cells are tasked with creating an entire human, so they are pluripotent, which means that they can transform into any kind of cell.

After a week after fertilization, embryonic cells lose their pluripotency, so extracting embryonic stem cells only works during a narrow window of time.

Due to the controversial reasons, these are primarily only used in research.

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

As scientists make strides in the field of regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy becomes an option for the treatment of more conditions. With regenerative medicine, you have the options to help manage both chronic and acute health issues for a potential better quality of life.

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