February 24, 2024

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Are Root Canals Painful? 

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Since a root canal is an extensive surgery, pain is to be expected. A root canal treatment requires extensive cleaning inside the inner chamber of your tooth’s root, the canals, which can upset surrounding gums and nerves. You should talk to a dentist in Omaha today to learn more about root canals. 

People commonly believe that a root canal is painful. But that is just one of the many root canal myths. It is unusual to experience severe pain following a root canal. However, if you do not feel too good after your root canal, do not worry. It is normal to feel a little sore following your treatment. 

You should remember that root canal therapy’s purpose is to relieve pain caused by infection or dental decay, not to cause pain. If you experience extreme pain following a root canal, it could mean that something went wrong with the tooth or the procedure. Inform a general dentist or an endodontist so they can rule out any issues or complications and give it the attention it needs to get you back on track. 

How much pain to expect after a root canal? 

After a root canal treatment, you should expect mild to moderate pain or soreness in the area. According to the American Association of Endodontists, the area around the tooth may feel sore and tender as your body recovers. Since the procedure requires patients to keep their mouths open for long, some people experience sore jaws after their root canal(s) treatment. 

How you care for the tooth and the rest of your mouth after a root canal can significantly affect how much pain you feel. Following your root canal, proper care includes maintaining good oral hygiene and consulting with your dentist to heal the tooth that received root canal therapy. Your dentist usually places a crown or filling to safeguard the treated tooth. 

Chewing on the treated tooth should be avoided until the crown is installed. When your dentist says you can brush your teeth again, use a soft-bristled toothbrush. It is also a good idea to wait until any anesthetic administered by the dentist during the root canal has worn off before resuming eating and drinking. You may accidentally bite your inner cheeks or tongue if you eat while your gums and teeth are still numb. 

Talk to your dentist today. 

If you have not visited your dentist in almost a year, do not risk your health. Schedule an appointment with your dentist today. Regular checkups with your dentist can help you identify diseases in their early stage and maintain your overall oral health.