February 24, 2024

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How can a prosthodontist help you?

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A prosthodontist is someone who is specialized in diagnosing and treating problems related to broken teeth or uneven jawline structure. They are experienced and handle dental prosthetics such as dental bridges and caps, braces, dentures, and implants. Unlike general dentists, they spend years gaining expertise in advanced treatment for replacing or restoring teeth. These years of experience make them proficient in handling even the most complex cases and fixing shape-related problems for all types of patients. So if you don’t know whom to visit for fixing the shape or structure of your teeth, then you should consult a Roanoke, Virginia prosthodontist. Let us know how they can help you:


If you have a missing tooth and are looking to get it fixed, then a prosthodontist can be a professional who can help you. They will examine your teeth and dental health to determine the best option for an implant for you. So if you are planning to get an implant, then you should contact an experienced prosthodontist. 

Restoring broken teeth 

If your teeth are damaged due to an accident or chipped off due to any reason and you want to get it fixed, this is when a prosthodontist can help you. They are experienced medical professionals who can help in restoring your teeth by adding a cap or a bridge, depending on the case.

Replacing your teeth 

If you have ever had a detailed plan and want to get it replaced after it is done, this is someone you should visit. Apart from this, if you want to replace any damage with one, even then, you can rely on a prosthodontist. They will take an accurate measurement of your teeth and design it to fit your mouth perfectly so that the implant doesn’t seem unnatural.

Design custom oral appliance

If you are someone who suffers from TMD or sleep apnea, then you might not be aware, but a prosthodontist can assist you. They will design comfortable, custom oral appliances that will help in repositioning your jaw shape and reduce your symptoms.

It is always better to visit a specialist who is trained in the field you want assistance in because a general dentist might be able to diagnose the problem or even provide a solution, but more efficiency will be delivered to you by a specialist such as a prosthodontist. And when you are spending money to get a problem fixed, it should be worth it, which is why you must select an experienced prosthodontist who has positive reviews about the cases they have handled. Contact your family and friends to find out if they are in touch with any professional who is great at their job. Just a few adjustments, and your teeth structure will be better than ever.