February 24, 2024

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How Can an Orthodontist Help You?

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Often, people use braces to fix their appearance or smile and enhance the overall structure of their teeth. However, braces are not a modern solution in times of now. If you find your smile crooked or your teeth’ design to be uneven, you should contact orthodontics in Los Gatos to ensure proper treatment. 

Orthodontics is the ideal solution to several dental problems. However, most people have yet to learn how an orthodontic dentist will help them—in such cases, knowing how an orthodontic can help you will be best. 

What is orthodontic treatment? 

Orthodontic treatment is a part of dentistry that primarily deals with correcting jaws and teeth that are not correctly positioned regarding the teeth structure. Misaligned teeth and jaws can give rise to many problems, including headaches, achy jaw muscles, periodontal disease, tooth decay, etc. 

If you experience any such problem, it will be necessary to contact an orthodontic dentist in Los Gatos. 

Why should I consider orthodontic treatment? 

  • Crowded teeth 

Crowded teeth are a situation wherein one would have too many teeth for the size of their mouth. Crowded or overlapping teeth cannot look bad but lead to cavities. To deal with crowded or overlapping teeth, contact an orthodontic in Las Gatos. 

  • Crossbite or overbite 

If you feel your bite is improper, contacting an orthodontic will become essential. You should pay attention to such issues as they can damage the gum tissue. Overbite can occur when your bottom teeth disappear while eating. 

Crossbite can occur when at least one of your upper teeth does not come down in front of the bottom. As a result, it will be necessary for you to contact an orthodontist or any other dentist to fix the problem. 

  • Gaps 

Gaps inside the teeth can be a severe issue. The reason behind gaps in teeth is often related to lost teeth or the size of the teeth compared to the mouth. If you neglect the gap in your teeth, you might encounter instances wherein food will get stuck in your mouth. It will be in your best interest to seek medical aid from an orthodontist to fill the gaps in your teeth. 

  • Tooth decay 

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental issues among many people. Tooth decay can be avoided by keeping them clean and brushing them correctly. An orthodontist can help with tooth decay and help you reposition your teeth in a way that can help you brush properly.