February 24, 2024

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How to get pregnant fast?

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When you and your husband decide to start a family, the first thing is you have to wait until you can get pregnant. Some tips and strategies may help you fulfill this wish of becoming a mother. You have to kick out unhealthy habits, use folic acid supplements, figure out your ovulation time, have sex five days before ovulation or at the time of ovulation, and regularly visit your doctor. 

Here, we are sharing important steps that may help you get pregnant fast. 

A healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle is the main parameter that influences fertility. You have to quit alcohol, smoking, addictive drugs. These elements not only harm you but are also dangerous for your baby. Your and your husband’s weight should be near body mass index (BMI). Exercise make your body efficient and may help you to get pregnant fast. 

Use fertility boosts supplements

Make a schedule to visit the doctor or midwife for preconception checkups. This checkup offers you an opportunity to clear all your doubts, which disturb you or you feel shame to discuss with others. 

Most doctors prescribe folic acid and some other supplements. You should take a 400 mg dose of folic acid before conception. You can use vitamin D, iron, folate, selenium to increase the chances of pregnancy. Another important supplement to take for energy is Mitoq supplements. Mitoq can help you get energized and is also a great antioxidant. 

Track when you ovulate

You should know about your menstruation cycle; when your menstruation cycle starts and ends. Every woman has a different length of this cycle. You can easily figure out your ovulation period if your periods are regular. But, if you have an irregular menstruation cycle, it will be difficult for you to track ovulation time. 

The release of the egg from the ovary —ovulation. This phenomenon takes place 12 or 14 days before your periods start. If your menstruation cycle consist of 30 days, approximately, you will ovulate after 15 days by the end of your previous periods. Your fertile days are 14 to 17 days. This time of a frame is known as the fertile window. 

You can track your fertile days with the help of various methods such as;

  • Ovulation prediction kits
  • Basal body temperature
  • Cervical mucus (thinner and slippery)

Have frequent sex during your fertile window

While you find your fertile window, have sex each day or every other day during your productive days. Studies also show that having sex every other day increases the chances of getting pregnant. 

After ovulation, the egg can live only 24 hours, and the sperm can live 4 to 5 days in a female fallopian tube. During this time, sperms attack the egg, and fertilization takes place. If fertilization does not take place during this time, you have to wait until the next ovulation. Therefore, it takes time to get pregnant due to the availability of eggs for a limited time.

Does sex position affect the odds of getting pregnant?

Sex position does not matter to conceive early, or no evidence supports a specific position. The main purpose is a transfer of sperms from the male body to the female body. However, the missionary position is more appropriate than others, but no scientific support.

Lubricants may help to get pregnant fast?

If you want to use lubricants, use fertility-friend lubricants that do not affect sperm health. 

Lubricants that does not interfere with sperm quantity and may help you to get pregnant fast are;

  • Mineral oil
  • Canola oil
  • Pre-see

Similarly, you should avoid lubricants that affect sperm quality and motility, such as;

  • Astroglide
  • K-Y jelly
  • Saliva 
  • Olive oil

Stay in bed after having a sex

It’s not mandatory to stay in bed after sex. It may be helpful to conceive; if you stick to bed for 15 minutes right after sex and do not go to the washroom immediately, it may not sweep out sperms from your body. 

Manage stress well

If you and your partner are feeling stress or depression, it affects your fertility. Try to stay relax and normal and engage in activities that give you happiness and pleasure. 


Becoming pregnant is a time-taking process; you have to wait for this. You have to follow some things that may help you get pregnant fast. These tips cannot produce a pregnancy but increase the odds of getting pregnant. You should focus on your lifestyle and participate in those activities that provide you pleasure.