April 13, 2024

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Orthodontists Use Dental Braces for Correcting Various Dental Treatments and Irregularities

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Dental braces are used for various kinds of orthodontic treatments. It could be for treating facial and dental irregularities like malocclusions or bad bites which are commonly understood as correction of crooked teeth. This irregularity is identified when the two jaws are poorly aligned and protrude over each other.

Malocclusion can be painful and result in difficulty in chewing or even talking. It might be genetic or may result from teeth injury, tooth loss, or thumb sucking. The treatment is done by an orthodontist who is a qualified dentist and has special knowledge and education in oral biology and biomechanics. Such dentists are specialized in preventing, diagnosing, and treating facial and dental irregularities.

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Traditional braces vs. modern braces

Dental braces have been used since ancient times. Various materials have been used as dental braces like gold, platinum, silver, steel, rubber, wood, vulcanite, ivory, zinc, brass, and copper. Until the mid-1970s, dental braces were wrapped around the teeth for securing the teeth, and force was applied to move them as needed in the mouth.

These braces were uncomfortable and metal contraptions made them painful to wear. It often led to mouth injuries causing sores and damages. Moreover, braces were visible and often lead to loss of self-esteem in young adults and adolescents.

The modern braces are less visible and cannot be noticed easily. The brackets attached to each tooth are smaller and can be attached at the back of the teeth making them almost invisible. Visit Hekmat Dental Care for safe and careful application of braces by an experienced orthodontist 4S Ranch.

Braces come in two forms:

  • They can either be fixed, worn all the time, and can be removed only by a dentist.
  • They can be removable in which the patient can take them out if they wish.

Applying the braces

Get in touch with a good dentist Rancho Bernardo who would determine and assess properly your teeth condition for applying and removing the braces. The realigned teeth are easier to clean which reduces the risk of tooth decay, gingivitis, or tooth loss.

There are 3 phases of treating for crooked teeth:

1)Placement of dental braces: An archwire is used for attaching the brackets to the teeth. At times, ring-like bands are used for holding the braces in place.

2)Adjusting the braces: Braces are adjusted and tightened until the desired alignment is achieved. You may feel soreness in the mouth for a few days after the adjustment or tightening.

3)Removal of braces: You will need to wear a retainer after the braces are removed to keep the teeth firm and steady.

As we continue to experience progression in the field of orthodontics, it is quite likely that dental braces might also evolve in the future. This would improve their efficiency and patient satisfaction throughout the process.