February 24, 2024

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Putting Lies to Rest About Braces for Adults

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Adults often think of a child or adolescent with a mouthful of metal brackets and wires when they hear the word “braces.” This, however, is an incorrect generalization. For orthodontic patients of any age, dental braces come in a wide variety of styles to best suit their needs. In fact, an increasing number of individuals are seeking out the myriad advantages of orthodontic treatment for their teeth.

Don’t put off treatment at the dental office in Summerlin just because of your age if you want to remedy new difficulties with your dental alignment or want to fix old problems that were never fixed. Let us dispel some common misconceptions regarding adult braces by addressing them below.

1: Braces for Adults Are Too Expensive.

The total price of your orthodontic treatment will vary based on a number of elements, including the complexity of your case and the duration of your therapy. There’s no need to put off your desire of a straight smile because of the price. When it comes to paying for your orthodontic treatment, most practices providing a variety of payment plan and financing alternatives to accommodate patients of varying financial means.

Second False Belief: By This Time, Braces Cannot Improve Your Smile

Numerous middle-aged and older people believe that their teeth cannot be straightened because of their age. This is completely false. Brackets can be placed at any age. The teeth are moved into place by braces, delivering a slight but constant force. Anyone, from a 14-year-old to a 40-year-old, can benefit from orthodontic treatment because the underlying principle is the same.

Third Fallacy: Getting Braces Is Excruciating

Today’s orthodontic appliances are smaller, more pleasant, and less invasive than those of the twentieth century. The minor discomfort you may feel is manageable with some orthodontic wax and painkillers.

Timeliness of Adult Braces is the Fourth Illusion

How long you’ll need to wear your braces depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your malocclusion, the design of your appliances, and your own aesthetic goals. Newer orthodontic methods are developed to be as painless and quick as they are effective.

False Belief #5: Everyone Will See Your Braces

It’s not ideal to draw even more attention to your teeth if you’re already self-conscious about them. You may expect that to be the case if you decide to wear braces as an adult, but new methods have opened up a variety of possibilities.