February 24, 2024

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The Real Expense of Cola Drinks.

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Some people only drink soft drinks with meals, while others drink them with every meal, but everyone enjoys a Coke now and then at the movies. The effects of soda on teeth and gums are something to think about before you go for that next can.

An average 12-ounce can of soda has the same amount of sugar as 10 teaspoons. The acid formed by the interaction of this sugar with the microorganisms in the mouth is harmful to teeth. Let your hygienist with a dental practice in Spring, TX know if you’re worried about your dental appointment or a particular procedure. 

Too much soda consumption can cause tooth decay and enamel wear.

The protective layer of tooth enamel wears away over time. Enamel is a barrier between your teeth and the food you gnaw on. When enamel is lost, the teeth become more vulnerable to decay and injury because new enamel cannot form in its place. The sugar in soft drinks causes your mouth to produce acid, gradually eating away at tooth enamel. The phosphoric and citric acid found in most sodas also contribute to erosion.

An increased risk of developing cavities is associated with frequent soda use. On average, persons who use three sodas daily had much higher dental decay than non-soda drinkers (62% more). Soda not only increases the growth of bacteria in the mouth but also weakens the enamel, making people more susceptible to cavities.

Okay, but what about diet soda?

If you’re worried about the health impacts of soda but are worried about diet soda, keep in mind that it still contains calories. Many diet sodas have the same acidic ingredients as regular soda, such as phosphoric and citric acid. Compared to pure water (pH 7.0) and battery acid (pH 1.0), diet soda can have a pH as low as 3.0, making it extremely acidic. Drinking these acidic diet sodas regularly might erode tooth enamel and lead to serious dental problems.

To maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, you should avoid drinking any kind of soda. Nonetheless, if you want to reward yourself, you can minimize soda’s detrimental effects by following these simple guidelines:

  • Keep it cool throughout the day if you want to limit your exposure to the acid and sugar in soda; instead, down it all at once.
  • To reduce your exposure to the acid and sugar in soft drinks, try drinking them using a straw.
  • After finishing your soda, you should rinse your mouth out with water or mouthwash. Getting rid of the sugar and acid by rinsing will help preserve the food.