February 24, 2024

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Visiting a cosmetic dentist in Downtown Chicago: Don’t miss these aspects

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Do you have stained teeth that make you conscious of your smile? Are you missing one or more teeth? Are you concerned about gapped teeth? Do you want to consider dental veneers to get an aligned and more aesthetic smile? These are common reasons you may want to see a cosmetic dentist near the South Loop in Downtown Chicago. Before you step in for the first visit, read some relevant aspects below.

Ask questions about insurance and payments

Most of us prefer to book dental visits online or over calls. When you contact the practice, ask them about insurance plans and payment options. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are often not covered under insurance; therefore, if you have flexible ways to pay for the treatment, that is always a good advantage.

Ask about the dentist

You should know whether a cosmetic dentist is qualified enough to offer you the care and treatments you need. Call their office and ask about their credentials and expertise. It would help to ask similar questions when you visit a dentist and discuss your concerns.

Get before-and-after pictures

Cosmetic dentistry is all about results, and you cannot judge the outcome unless you see a few cases. Many practices in Downtown Chicago have before-and-after pictures on their websites, or you can ask for details when you visit the dentist. It is also possible to get a clear and realistic idea of the outcome through 3D imaging.

Discuss the procedure

Many cosmetic procedures have risks and side effects, which are worth knowing. You should know the treatment in detail, including the number of needed appointments. For instance, if you are getting implants, you may need to take some time off work to recover from the oral surgery. Your dentist should make time to explain the details.

Know all the options

There are several ways to treat an aesthetic issue concerning teeth and gums. When you see a cosmetic dentist, enquire about every treatment and procedure available with them. You should have options and must have the info to make an informed decision. Your dentist will also explain why one procedure is better than the other and how long the results will last.

In conclusion

You need to visit a cosmetic dentist to know whether they can handle your needs. Schedule your appointment and be there on time, as there could be additional forms and questionnaires you may need to complete.