February 24, 2024

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What are the Benefits of Getting Onlays?

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Getting an onlay may be the perfect way to repair a tooth that is too badly damaged or rotted out to function properly. You can consult a dentist in Hollywood, FL, for the procedure, which takes only a few hours and has zero recovery time.

What are the benefits of getting onlays? Plenty! In addition to being quick and easy, they can be affordable. Dentists are able to replace individual teeth without having to replace the entire mouthful of teeth, and they use materials that are closely similar to your natural teeth in color and shape.

We will now see into the benefits of getting onlays.

  • Durability

The material used for an onlay is a very durable denture material. After you get the onlay, it will be comparable with the rest of your teeth. The inner layer of the onlay is made from high-grade resin, and it’s cemented between the natural teeth to give you a solid and long-lasting replacement for your damaged or rotted out tooth or teeth.

  • Preserve the tooth’s structure

The tooth still remains intact in the gums, and it’s covered with a thin layer of material to make it look natural. A crown can’t do this because the denture material is used to completely cover the tooth. Whereas onlays can be placed on a tooth without affecting the structural integrity of the tooth.

  • Reduce the possibility of future decay

If the onaly is properly done, it can prevent further gum recession and help to keep them in better condition. This is because a tooth that’s been replaced is not worn down like normal teeth, and it won’t leave the same room for bacteria to grow and cause decay.

  • Secure and comfortable fit

Onlays protect the tooth by being placed in between it and the gum. You will feel no difference because it’s exactly as if that tooth is still there. Onlays are wider than dentures, and they offer you more room in your mouth to eat and speak while maintaining your bite strength.

  • Looks natural

An onlay is a substitute for your damaged or rotted tooth, and you will still have all the natural appearance of your teeth. The color, shape, and contour are exactly like that of your other teeth. Moreover, the material used in onlays comes in many colors and is made to look like your natural teeth.