February 23, 2024

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What to do if I have a broken tooth?

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Accidents may take place at any given point in time. They necessarily do not have to be brutal clashes, but can also be minor knocks that can tumble your teeth down. A shaky tooth after a collision is nothing to be surprised about. At the same time, what you should be cautious about is a broken tooth. Starting from “minor inconvenience” to “minor convenience,” a broken tooth can hurt badly, depending upon the impact faced and the present condition of the tooth. Your teeth can be damaged in a variety of ways. These ways might just be extensive depending upon the collision and overall condition of your teeth themselves. Unless the incurred damage is a minor chip, there practically stands no permanent way to fix it without the consultancy of a dentist. Till the arrival of help from a dentist in Upland, CA, all you can do is take in remedies to counter the pain and restrict the outflow of blood (if any).

I have a broken tooth, what to do?

You need to recognize whether or not the tooth has broken or if it’s a singular crack. Take a bit of warm water and rinse your mouth. This will prevent the blood from clotting inside of your mouth. Apply pressure with soft hands to restrict the outflow of blood (if any). If you can find the broken tooth laying on the floor, use a wet gauze to wrap it up and bring it to the dentist.

What to do in case of a lost tooth?

There may arise a situation where you have lost a tooth completely. The same can take place when you have been part of a collision or assault that has resulted in the departure of your tooth from its socket. Try using wet gauze to hold the lost tooth and place it back in the socket. If it seems not to be working, take a glass of milk or an alkaline solution, submerge the tooth, and bring it to the dentist. 


The matter concerning a chipped tooth isn’t a matter of great concern. But for the sake of precaution, what you can do is rinse your mouth with warm water, use a wet piece of cotton, and apply gentle pressure on the spot to stop existing bleeding, and in case of excess pain, consider using clove oil. The oil will help numb the region, causing the pain to fade away temporarily. Do not delay the aspect of seeing a dentist. The importance of visiting a medical professional should not be taken lightly.